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Lawrence B. Benenson is dedicated to several charitable and educational institutions that are working to bring truth, fairness, creativity and logic to the world. Mr. Benenson is currently a member of the Board of the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center in the Bronx, The Lincoln Center Real Estate and Construction Council, Inner-City Scholarship Fund, Center for Arts Education, American Folk Art Museum, ART / OMI International Arts Center, The Realty Foundation of New York, New York Junior Tennis and Learning, Al Hirschfeld Foundation, Ad Reinhardt Foundation and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Lawrence Benenson supports organizations around the world focusing on reducing hunger, increasing reproductive rights, safeguarding the environment, enhancing arts education, and housing the homeless.

Andrew Siegel currently manages TLI Bedrock. He is also Executive Chairman of 4Q Systems, an enterprise financial technology company. He was a Founding Partner of Advance Venture Partners, the investment fund of global media company Advance Publications, Inc. He joined Advance in 2010, and as Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, was responsible for growth initiatives at the holding company and its operating units including Conde Nast.  Andrew joined Advance from Yahoo! Inc., where he led the digital media company’s corporate development team. He previously was an executive with General Electric and its financial arm GE Capital.

Clare McLaughlin is an investor and Director of Giving at TLI Bedrock. She focuses primarily on early stage venture investing with a focus on media, consumer goods and agriculture technology companies. Clare's direct investments include GEM Health, Insitro, ISLA, and MycoTechnology and she currently serves as a board observer at Farmshelf.


The Lawrence B. and Elyse Benenson Charitarian Foundation believes that people who have more ought to help people who have less. When charity flourishes, human suffering is alleviated. The Charitarian Fund promotes, engenders, and spreads good thinking and direct action by funding educational, environmental, artistic and community empowerment organizations that actually help people.

Most recently, The PEN/Benenson Courage Award was established to honor the people who exhibited bravery in the face of silence and oppression – people who showed the world what it was like to honor the First Amendment above all and fight back against censorship. The 2020 recipients were U.S Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and Darnella Frazier, who captured the George Floyd murder, and through her incredible selflessness and strength changed the course of history in the United States with a single cellphone video.

TLI Bedrock

TLI Bedrock is a multi-strategy fund that invests across sector and industry. It seeks high returns by backing innovative projects, responsible companies who think broadly about customer, employee and community needs, and sustainable approaches to commerce. TLI stands for trust, loyalty, integrity and serves as a guiding principle for the fund.